Big Briar Wood Straight Pipes

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Big Size Briar Blocks from aged Greek Briar, for straight Pipes.
Sandpaper was used and then a wet cloth for all the blocks, so you can see the grain. 
All blocks are drying for 30 years. 
Photos shows the original ebauchon.

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S08 mm/gr in/oz
Width <span class="bilingual">/ Πάχος </span> 48,00 1,89
Height <span class="bilingual">/ Ύψος </span> 65,00 2,56
Length <span class="bilingual">/ Μήκος</span> 135,00 5,31
Weight <span class="bilingual">/ Βάρος</span> 278,00 9,81
S29 mm/gr in/oz
Width <span class="bilingual">/ Πάχος </span> 46,00 1,81
Height <span class="bilingual">/ Ύψος </span> 58,00 2,28
Length <span class="bilingual">/ Μήκος</span> 139,00 5,47
Weight <span class="bilingual">/ Βάρος</span> 239,00 8,43
S33 mm/gr in/oz
Width <span class="bilingual">/ Πάχος </span> 50,00 1,97
Height <span class="bilingual">/ Ύψος </span> 66,00 2,60
Length <span class="bilingual">/ Μήκος</span> 127,00 5,00
Weight <span class="bilingual">/ Βάρος</span> 245,00 8,64

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