Alexander Zavvos was born in Molos, Thermopylae, near Lamia. Since he was a child he had an inclination for art, starting with painting. He studied Radio-electronics, and at age 23 he got involved with commerce with a capital of 150.000 drs. in 1962.

He entered the pipe business when he met, by total chance, with Mr. Libero G. Albanese, first technician and producer of briar-wood models in Kalabria, Italy. When he told Albanese that he was Greek, he almost prayed, saying that Greeks have the best briar in the world for pipe-making! From that moment on Zavvos understood that this fellow is in love with his work - and he transmitted that instantly!

From mid-1962 to 1963 Zavvos searched all over the world for a college or a school in order to be taught the art of pipe-making, but in vain - there was none. Moreover, he wasn't able to make it through the big European pipe-makers of that time (British, Italian, Danish). He was convinced that only through experience there was a chance of him becoming what he wanted.

In 1964 he started the commercial briar-wood model production, in 1965 he constructed empirically his first pipe and in 1967 he started the vertical production (this is from the briar Greek woods to the consumer) - may be there is no other factory in the world producing smoking pipes vertically.

In 1970 he started the research, which was accomplished in 1984, on the 1st generation hygrostatic system. In that same period Zavvos and his brother founded their factory in Lamia for the production of ebony mouthpieces.

50 years later, Zavvos has successfully arrived to the production of the 5th generation hygrostatic pipe.

The business is now run, and the pipes manufactured, by Alexander Zavvos's son, Konstantine.