It is a habit followed by thousands of hints, with social, aesthetic and cultural extensions. Acquired difficult and accompanied by small vices. However, offers delicate pleasure for strong personalities. The smoking pipe is ultimately a set of rituals large and small pleasures.

kapnizo-pipa.jpgThe enjoyment of the pipe is not suitable for unsuspecting - those who want to reach the pleasure nervously and quickly, bypassing the adventure process. The basic premise is to have the taste for simple joys of life. And more so for one of these: the pure taste of good tobacco. If you are thinking to try out a science of the pipe, consider track smokers are curious and perhaps tough guys.

The art of pipe smoking is the oldest form of tobacco use, and the one most often overlooked by the modern smoker. In this day and age of instant gratification and fast-paced living, replete with instant coffee and five-minute cigarettes, the pipe remains a comforting bulwark against the general flow. Pipe smoking is a remarkably challenging, yet extremely rewarding hobby for those with patience, and can easily be regarded as the most sophisticated form of smoking.

Assuming that to a pipe smoker expert offered two alternatives - a brand new, high quality pipe and the oldest and "baked" from his collection - is confident that he will prefer the second. Because pleasure is the result of combining multiple subjective factors.

But there are other oddities.